The Magic of The Internet

Because the Internet makes it easy to help and interact with people, it’s possible to brighten peoples lives every day by just being there. Here are my ten top ways to help others or to help yourself on The Internet.

1. Why not go and visit a social networking site and actually start up a conversation with someone. I mean a real conversation not a sales pitch.
Try to notice something about them and encourage them to share as well.

2. Check out sites like where you could give your personal opinion on products and services to help people make the right choices.

3. Maybe you have just recovered from an illness? Find a forum dedicated to your specific illness and ask or answer questions to help put other’s minds at rest.

4. Passionate about something? Know a lot about it? Share that knowledge with The World on

5. Thinking of having a boob job or maybe some cosmetic surgery? Find a forum and chat with people who have done it so that you can make an informed decision.

6. Started a new business and need a website quickly and cheap? Create a Facebook page, it costs nothing and is very easy to do.

7. Got a technical problem with your computer – you guessed it! Find a forum, you’ll get all the answers.

8. Bought a gadget on Ebay but there’s no owner’s manual. Just Google it and you’ll surely find the manual online.

9. Need a recipe for that special dinner party? Google it!

10. Have a special interest you’re passionate about? Join a dedicated network like our Tarot network where you can communicate with like minded people.

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