Pat Sutton Tarot Reader and Vlogger.

I have a deep passion for The Tarot, which has been with me since my upbringing in the vibrant 60s and 70s. Those were truly exhilarating times! I would be delighted to hear your stories and see your pictures for my upcoming video. Feel free to send me a direct message.

As a bohemian glamorous granny in my 60s, I reside in France with my musician husband, although I originally hail from the UK. Through this channel, I aim to share the essence of my bohemian life beyond the age of 60 and provide ideas for having fun, regardless of your own age.

Being a woman over 60, I will offer you a plethora of tips to infuse joy into your life while embracing and cherishing a bohemian lifestyle. My primary goal is to inspire individuals to create greatness in their own lives.

Not only will I delve into the intriguing aspects of my personal life, I will provide guidance on how you can transform yours. During my time as a professional Tarot reader in Spain many years ago, I encountered some truly spine-chilling stories, which I will gladly recount.

My FREE Tarot reading and spooky story videos will serve as a platform for embracing and living an extraordinary bohemian life.

Here, you’ll discover invaluable tips that can assist you in making choices that lead to a joyful and fulfilling existence.