My Favourite Tarot Card – The Sun

I’m going to go through some card meanings.
So my first one is The Sun. It is my favourite card. It signifies happiness.
It also signifies long life, I love this as I am passionate about eating the right foods and doing the right things to prolong one’s life.
I love my art and The Sun card represents people with an artistic gift or a great love of all things creative.

Here are 6 more traits that I would link to the Sun card:
1. This person loves to travel.
2. They may have slight OCD, as in, things have to be checked and then double checked.
3. When they start something they need to finish it.
4. Morality is important to this person.
5. This card would often be linked to someone with strength and a lot of vitality. Maybe an athlete or sports person.
6. The Sun card can signify failure of a sure thing, in other words one should not look at everything through rose coloured glasses, they should try to be practical and not be shocked when a sure thing fails.

I see The Sun card coming up many times for Cancer and Leos and also Aquarius.
I know I am describing myself here, (a Cancerian, into healthy living, art and a little OCD), but I chose this card as my favourite many years ago way before I knew it’s meaning. Strange eh!

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