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Tarot Card Readings – The Sun Card

The Sun Tarot Card

The Sun Tarot card

Tarot Card reading Of The Sun Tarot card

I’m going to do a Tarot Card Reading of the card named The Sun.
The Sun Tarot Card is my favourite, it signifies happiness and long life. I love this Tarot Card because I am passionate about eating the right foods and doing the right things to stay healthy and this card resonates with me.

Ok, to my brief Tarot Card Reading of The Sun Tarot card.

My art is important to me and The Sun card represents people with an artistic gift or a great love of all things creative. I have an Etsy shop where I sell my art, why not have a quick look? My shop name is PatSuttonArtist

Ok, back to

The Sun Tarot Card.

Here are 6 important traits that I would link to the Sun card:
1. The love of travel.
2. They may have slight OCD and things have to be checked and then double checked.
3. When they start something they need to finish it.
4. Morality is important to this person.
5. This card could be linked to someone with strength and vitality, maybe an athlete or sports person.
6. The Sun card signifies failure of a sure thing so in other words you should not look through rose coloured glasses and you should try to be practical and not be shocked when a sure thing fails.

How Often Do I See The Sun Tarot Card?

I see The Sun card coming up many times for Cancer and Leos and also Aquarius.
I know I am describing myself here, (a Cancerian, into healthy living, art and a little OCD), but I chose this card as my favourite many years ago, way before I knew it’s meaning. Strange eh!

Just to mention, it is great news for a new relationship if I see The Lovers Tarot Card next to Sun Tarot Card. Check out The Lovers Card meaning here.

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The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

The Lovers Tarot card is known to mean more than you see when looking at the card.
The Lovers Tarot card is, obviously about love and love interests but it goes a lot deeper than that.

It can relate to people who are capable of establishing strong bonds, not afraid to tie the knot. Therefore the card has an obvious connection with that of getting marriage or that of forming a union.

The Lovers Tarot Card is also linked to people who are openly sexual, not afraid to show their love in an active way and are very touchy feely.

When you come across The Lovers Card it is important to look closely at the neighboring cards. If the neighboring card is a strong negative card like the 10 of Swords then I would interpret the lovers card as a warning of either dishonesty or adultery.

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

In a tarot card deck, the Devil card is one which talks about a number of things, one of which would be the emphasis on materialism, as well as being in an unwanted situation in life. The feeling of hopelessness, as well as the feeling of being in bondage is also symbolized by the Devil Tarot Card.

The Devil card is one of the three most famous cards in a tarot card deck. 

The Hanged Man Tarot Card

Another famous card in a tarot card deck would be the Hanged Man Tarot Card, which is basically known to entail not a man hanged by the noose, but rather a man who is hanging, generally, upside down, one foot tied to a tree.

The hanged man tarot card in a tarot card deck is known to symbolize “letting go”, symbolizing acceptance. Also, the card could also mean reversal, which the act of overturning one’s former priorities could take shape in.

The Death Tarot Card

In the many types of cards in a tarot card deck, the Death tarot card is one which is quite famous, and quite understandably considering the nature of death and what it is supposed to say with regards its role in a tarot card deck.


Generally, the death card is one which signifies endings, pertaining to the commencement of a chapter in one’s life, or entailing the act of putting one’s past behind, choosing a brighter one over the other.
The death card also signifies a transition point in life, and could talk about a change in one’s status in one’s life, either for the bad or for the worse. Cutting off one’s excesses, as well as realizing just one had wasted in his or her life would be another symbolism of the death card in a tarot card deck.

The Tarot Quickly Explained

Tarot is the system through which a reading of the cards in a tarot deck helps you through disturbed times by offering to give a reflection on your past, present and future.

Tarot is closely linked with astrology as each card is linked to a planet, part, or astrological sign. Tarot cards are utilized for divination, frequently known as fortune telling. However many therapists have used them too, feeling the cards regularly make patients dig in to how they feel about themselves. This is done through the subconscious. As an example, let’s assume you are aware that at work things aren’t going well, but you don’t let yourself accept it. Continue reading

The Tower Card – Who Rules?

Going back to the days of Aleister Crowley, the individual Major Arcana cards have been assigned to specific planets.

As a student of astrology and the Tarot, I do not always subscribe to the traditional correspondences. For example, to me, the energy of Uranus is a much better fit to The Tower than Mars.

The argument for making Mars The Tower’s ‘ruler’ is that The Tower’s edifice, described as some as the Tower of Babel, represents man’s hubris and a structure of lies.

The Tower image shows lightning striking the crown on the top of the tower edifice, the crown being false materialism and the lightening bolt, the flash of truth striking down the edifice and violently displacing the crown.

Mars represents ego well. Mars is dignified in Capricorn where its ambition is transformed into concrete structure. And the flames emanating from the tumbling structure is consistent with the symbolism of Mars and its sign, Aries.

Lastly, Wald Amberstone, co-founder of The Tarot School, likens the card’s image as a representation of a phallic symbol at the time of climax.

Certainly this is Mars.

But the lightning, the sudden flash of awareness, the crack as the structure tumbles, are hallmarks of Uranus.

Arthur Edward Waite in The Pictorial Key to the Tarot describes the preceding card, The Devil, as “the fall into the material and animal state, while the other (The Tower) signifies destruction on the other side.”

Uranus’ energy is depersonalized. It is completely a product of the intellect and the lightning bolt is its hallmark.

The sudden bolt of lightning describes the operation of Uranus as anyone who has experienced a transit of Uranus can testify.

Uranus is the first planet discovered that is too far away to be seen by the unaided human eye. For centuries, astronomers assumed that no planet extended beyond Saturn, hence that planet’s association with limits and boundaries.

Then in 1781, astronomer William Herschel discovered Uranus with the result that the prevailing world-view of the Universe was upended much in the same way that Uranus transits result in upset and breakthrough on a societal and personal level.

Uranian energy is a bolt out of the blue, coming from somewhere outside of our individual selves like the bolt of lightning from above that upends The Tower and its crown.major16

In my view, while Mars is a good descriptor of the Tower in the card, Uranus better describes the actual energy of the card.


Submitted by: Ellen Zucker

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