How to cleanse your home.

I received this letter from one of my clients.

“Pat please can you help me. I have a problem. I want to settle in my house but can’t. I don’t feel at ease and I have a lot of bad dreams. What can I do?

Here is my remedy for an unsettled house.

1. Make a jug of a strong solution of salt water.

2. Recite an incantation or prayer over the water.

Here is an example but you can write your own if you prefer:

May this offering of the water of life and pure salt cleanse this space. May this house be cleansed and give forth contentment and fulfillment. I banish all dark entities and give space only to the goodness of light.

Speak the words in a meaningful way, your words are sacred and you need to speak them with fortitude because you are creating a powerful medicine to cleanse your home.

3. Walk around your home and sprinkle the water everywhere, in every corner while repeating your prayer over and over again.

4. Don’t forget to sprinkle the water across all your doorways, this will stop bad vibrations from entering again. You could mention the names of the people who are likely to be passing through the doorways so that you all feel comfortable entering the house, hopefully, strangers will be cleansed as they enter.

5. Once finished, adorn your house with flowers but do not allow dead flowers to stay in the house as they create bad Feng Shui.

6. Now you have a cleansed home you can increase the good Karma by burning some lovely herbal incense sticks.

7. You can then finish with crystals placed in your home. Carnelian by the front door invokes protection and invites abundance. Jade is for wealth and prosperity so it is a good stone to have on your desk and a rose quartz will create harmony and guard against arguments. For that peacefulness you desire at night you need to place a large piece of Selenite in the bedroom.




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