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Shoot for the stars.

Anyone who has achieved success, fame or fortune in the world has done it by taking action, a successful person recognises the right moment.
What happens to you is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. Be in control of your destiny. Don’t stand around waiting for something to happen, go and get it…make it happen. Continue reading

What I call enlightenment.

What would you define as peace? Would you say it is when the kids have gone to bed and the house is quiet?

Would you say it is when the lights go out in your bedroom and you can relax into a deep sleep?

Perhaps you feel you are at peace when all the bills are paid or the shopping done?…Not really. Continue reading


By Joan Marques

Have you ever taken the time to consider your life today and
compare it with the expectations you had five years ago?MPj04436600000[1]
Nine times out of ten you will find that things did not
quite work out the way you anticipated them to. Although you
may not be dissatisfied with where you are today, you will
probably still have to admit that several crucial issues
have taken a surprising course: your marriage may have
ended, your career may have undergone a radical change,
people whom you had expected to be around for a long time
may have passed away, and you may have turned into an
individual you would not have recognized five years ago!

It all lies in the hands of time and the encounters you have
with people, knowledge, and general experiences. Indeed: you
find your perspectives changing through the things that
happen to you: what used to be important at one time may
have no meaning anymore for you today. And this will
probably not only pertain to the people in your life, but to
events and goals as well. Paradigms shift continuously, and
the best way to cope with this process is to try and refrain
from setting goals that are too specific. You could, for
instance, just focus on making progress or being happy
instead of formulating in too much details where, with whom,
and how that should happen. Of course some strategizing is
necessary, but too strict a schedule may entangle you in a
web that is hard to escape from when the inevitable
surprises start popping up.

A man who expected his family to stay together till his
dying day suddenly found that his wife was leaving him. She
took the children along, and he turned into a lonely goat.
It took him three years and countless, extensive dialogues
with elders in his community to understand that the courses
of events in his life were not merely up to him, since they
were intertwined with other individuals who all had their
own desires and dreams, some of which – unfortunately – were
no longer in tune with his. He finally understood the
message and learned to accept the facts as they were
presented to him. He has since established a level of
understanding with his ex-partner, one that is better than
it ever was during their marriage, and he has been working
toward a more mature relationship with his – now grown up –
children. Gradually this man is regaining his balance,
meanwhile understanding that happiness today looks much
different than he would have envisioned it some years ago.

This simple example does not have to be limited to the
private areas of one’s life: surprises can occur just as
frequently in any other area. Business people know that like
no other, due to the fact that they operate in an
environment that is subject to influences from practically
all sides: unexpected strategic moves from competitors,
inventions that can make their product obsolete in a
heartbeat, or government decisions that can affect their
profitability or perhaps their entire existence, to name a
few. For this category of people, flexibility in dealing
with surprises is even more vital than for the ones that
expect the happily-ever-after dream to keep their marriage

Life truly requires a level of management that should never
be underestimated: whether you are spending most of your
time in an airplane, a hotel room, your office, or just at
home. The bag of surprises is presented to each of us, every
day again. Some surprises taste sweet, but most of them have
a bitter foretaste. It is up to us, then, to adapt our taste
buds to these new challenges, and unleash our positive
imagination and our sense of humor on them, so that we will
be able to develop the right spirit in approaching them. And
then, five years from now, we will be where we expect to be:
in a better and happier place, no matter where that is!

Joan Marques, Burbank, September 19, 2003

Joan Marques, holds an MBA, is a doctoral candidate in
Organizational Leadership, and a university instructor in
Business and Management in Burbank, California. You may
visit her web site at Joan’s manual
“Feel Good About Yourself,” a six part series to get you
over the bumps in life and onto success, can be purchased
and downloaded at:


By Joseph B. Ghabi

Healing is a special gift that any human being can have. It
is fortunate that we are provided with the opportunity toj0437636
acknowledge and develop it. There is no difference from any
human being performing healing and Christ healing. The only
difference is if you belong to a large institution like a
Catholic church where healing is sometimes defined as a
miracle. Many great healers came into our plane and
performed their miracles, such as Edward Cayce, Harry
Edwards and many others known and unknown to us. The good
part of it is that we are all healers. The only difference
between a full pledged healer and any one of us is very
simple. A healer is a human being who has dedicated his or
her life in order to help humanity and to show us that we
are not alone, by becoming a channel for the spirit to do
their work. Many powers are beyond our sense of
understanding or belief system. If this is your path in this
lifetime then this will become part of your life because you
have already been chosen for that path.

My journey with healing started as early as 8 years old. At
least that is what I remember. Water always provided a big
boost for me and I was always surrounded by water. That was
my good luck! Sitting on the beach in Lebanon at age 8, I
noticed my mind start to wonder and I started seeing things
that I did not recall seeing before. I thought in the
beginning that I just had a vivid imagination. Then I
started seeing that I was laying my hand on people (healing)
without even being aware of it. To be honest at that age, it
did not mean much for a born Catholic to even discuss
something like this. For my own sake of understanding, I
recall saying to myself, everyone must be able to do the
same thing. So I never even bothered to speak about it to
anyone. That was maybe for my own good at the time.

At that early age, I learned the concept of absent healing
without knowing that that was what is was called. I was
performing on people, at a long distance from me, through
visions of healing. I was even doing it through talking with
people without being aware of what I was doing. My
clairvoyance at the time was in full swing. At that point I
was not calling it clairvoyance and thought everyone must do
it normally. I was right at the time without giving myself
any credit for it. Everyone can be a channel for healing and
have the right to be clairvoyant, clairaudient, or
experience any other array of gifts. We always forget one
important aspect of our human being, and that is that we are
spirits first.

If your soul did not decide to come here, on this plane, for
certain experiences and lessons that were needed for that
soul’s evolution toward its creator, then you yourself would
not exist today. Your soul is the reason for you being here
today. Your soul is NOT in you, but outside of you. The only
thing we have from our soul is what we refer to as the
spirit. That spirit is the personality; the experiences and
knowledge that we need to know in order to use these as
tools in this lifetime to conquer our own lessons and
experiences. We all have many tools in our hands but just
how many of us really use them? This is why we do not recall
previous experiences from other lifetimes, on a conscious
level, unless we go seeking these experiences though
meditation or other methods.

So my journey as a child continued anytime I would be
sitting next to the water without anyone knowing what was
going on. It was my past. I have foreseen every step in my
life and even future addresses, that I would later live in
years later, in the U.S. At that time I did not know what
these numbers and street names were ones that I had been
visualizing internally. Later on some 10 or 12 years later I
realized it but didn’t somehow allow myself to make a big
deal about what I had been seeing as a child.

Those visions and healing were with me between the ages of 8
and about 14. I do not recall the exact time when it
actually stopped. From that point on I was no longer aware
of what is going on. Having girls at our school at that time
may be one of the factors that perhaps kept away this gift
from my youthful venture at the time.

Moving to the U.S. to go to school when I was 19 was a new
venture in my life. But honestly I did not learn a great
deal of anything at that time and continued to no longer see
addresses, nor end up living at those addresses, as I had
envisioned before. Well, it was all just a mere coincidence
as I recall. I remember noticing that most women I dated
used Tarot cards. I did not bother to judge them, for this
was their hobby. I was making excuses for practically
everyone I knew at that time in my life. I studied and
received my Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and a Master
of Computer Science in the States. But it did not really
help me open up my logical mind. I was very logical and I
needed to question everything in order to make sense of it
and then I finally learned to let it go.

I guess my journey to the U.S., starting from the south to
the Northeast, did not help to open me up to every person in
my life, directly or indirectly, consciously or
unconsciously but it did help to open me up to the spirit
world. This is when I started to investigate a side of me
that I had never bothered to as a child except as a form of
fun or entertainment. Something to keep me busy in my mind
and imagination. Until that point I believed that I just had
a vivid imagination and being a Gemini also helped.

After 7 years in the U.S. I decided to move north. In a way,
I was looking for colder weather. I settled in Montreal and
that is where it all started for me. It started differently
here because I found myself more around people involved in
spirituality. Being more aware of their own personal
direction, to a certain extent, was enough to motivate me to
also want to investigate. Without going into detail on
Easter Sunday in 1992 I was forced to open up and it was
long overdue. It was not by a human being but from my own
soul, and soul friends. It was not an easy start for a
logical type of a person such as the person that I used to
be. I kept an open mind and allowed myself no analytical
interferences. I set up a deadline for myself to decide
whether I would be in or out.

My journey to my conscious awareness life started at Easter
that year. I did meditation for a little while to get me to
consciously learn to communicate with my soul friends on the
other side. I then discovered knowledge about healing, and
understood it, and then all the memories of my childhood
visions came pouring to the surface again. I started
developing my healing abilities for the first time with
Harry Edwards, who introduced himself to me. I was not aware
of anyone by that name, but my teacher Lori was and loaned
me one of Harry’s books to look through. Unfortunately, I
did not read the book at the time, knowing that I had that
actual spirit training me on the healing process and the way
it really should be. I stayed with Mr. Edwards for over six
months. What was interesting was the accuracy of the work of
the spirit that works with you, and the way they had at
shutting up my intellectual convictions. Harry still drops
by from time to time and I am always happy to be surrounded
by his gentle and settled energy.

Thereafter Harry left me; I was introduced to my main
doctor, who is always with me, he goes by the name of
William. It seems I am attracted to a lot of British folks
here, but that is my own particular case. I went through
different trainings with William. William has a very gentle
energy and his main specialization is energy, balancing and
calming someone’s mental agitation. William comes to the
rescue. I learned a lot through the guiding forces within me
at that point. I left Lori and started my own healing
practice and meditation sessions for a year with a friend of
mine Audrey.

My healing was left in the background and I never spoke
about it except at a few gatherings. I never advertised it
but continued to pursue an understanding of Healing
Childhood Experiences, which I had developed over the past
10 years.

In my understanding of life, there are no short cuts and
whatever you do you will always fall back into your old
patterns unless you go directly where it hurts and deal with
it. During that time so many different ways of healing were
being developed but in my opinion much was being done
without understanding that our undealt with lessons and
experiences will always take us back to our own traps. In
order for a healing to take place in life, you need to meet
with your soul level, mental level and then the physical

Your soul level is the origin of your soul and the awareness
of your own blueprint. Does that soul say it is okay to
allow the manifestation of that healing? That is very
important in order for any healing to take place.

Your mental level is basically your state of mind. This
implies the awareness of your conscious and unconscious
habits or patterns.

The physical is the final stage of any manifestation that is
to take place. Once it is clear on the others levels.

I believe the first level, the Soul, is an easy process and
it has already been arranged between the healer and the
patient on different levels other than the physical.

The third level is also simple in that it is the final
manifestation of the systems that allow the understanding
and awareness of our own life.

The second level is where I feel that you would find the
main character of any problem. Our mind, our ego, our pride,
our stubbornness, our rigidity, our religious convictions
and our culture, play a big role in making our healing
process a success or not. In order to receive conscious
awareness, and help someone to be on their path in this
lifetime, you need to understand your own experiences in
this lifetime. You are here to deal with these experiences
and finish them during the span of your lifetime and it
should not go beyond that. Unfortunately for many this
concept does not exist. We may think each experience should
take us a lifetime to finish and my answer to that is what a
waste of lifetimes that would be.

During my training into my own personal work, I ran into
internal clashes within myself between my living work and my
passionate work, and I still have some residue from that
effect. I am still not privileged enough to say that I am
working in what would be considered satisfactory work for my
soul. Seven years after I started on my path of discovery,
and in my year seven of the 9 Year Numerological Cycle, I
decided to pursue a Soul Search and get to the bottom of my
life. My purpose, my patterns, my weaknesses, my strong
points, my own will, my determination and anything I could
find out about my soul, spirit, my experiences in life, and
learn about them. During that year, I was almost in total
isolation from everyone around me. I remember I wrote over
15 journals of memories, junk stuff, patterns, and anything
I could empty out of my sub-conscious. I did that and I lost
about 20 lbs around that time. Remember anything we resist
dealing with will be added to our weight. Your weight is NOT
always as it seems, just from eating, but more inflated
energies are turning and turning inside of you and making
you fatter and fatter in order for you to start looking at
your life. What is the thing that can most annoy us as human
beings? It is about becoming overweight. Healing Childhood
Experiences is a major focus in the healing process for any
individual being.

At this point, without going into many details about my
life, let me summarize a few points on spiritual healing.

What is spiritual healing?

– Healing is the transfer of energy between the world of
Souls and any human being and it is conducted through the

– The healer is NOT the one who is providing the healing but
just the liaison between the two worlds.

– Dressing up ridiculously does NOT make anyone a better

– God is aware of the healing that is to take place but does
not interfere with it. It is still the choice of the
individual, the soul and some other factors.

– A healing can take place within minutes or even seconds. A
full hour is not important unless only to justify the charge
for the session.

– Personally, a healing is supposed to be given for free. It
is a gift not to be abused or manipulated in any way, shape
or form.

– A healer is NOT God. A healer is a Human Being. The more
the healer has dealt with his or her own life experiences
the better and more pure the channel he or she will have.

– A healer is NOT God. A healer should NOT allow his or her
EGO to affect the role that a healer is playing on this

– A patient does NOT have to believe in healing in order for
a healing to take place.

– A healer should never promise or advise against any
medication that a patient may be taking, but should do so in
conjunction with the medical organizations.

– A good healer should bring the awareness on a conscious
and unconscious level to the patient understanding.

– We can pray as much as we want to God, donate as much as
you want to your church or organization but when we do not
take extra steps to do something about our life then no
prayers can solve your problem. Sorry about that!

At the age of eight Joseph discovered his clairvoyance.
Joseph is natural medium presently teaching meditation,
Intuitive Numerology, and provides numerology consultation
and healing consultation. Joseph started the `Free Spirit
Centre’ website at A
community web based centre dedicated to personal growth,
soul growth, eating disorders, relationships, healing and
human issues. E-mail:

THE SECRET TO MEDITATION And Moving Beyond It’s Limitations

By Sopan Greene

Daily meditation is the single greatest and easiest practice you can do to relax, restore your energy and love yourself.j0437325
To reconnect to your spirit and experience who you truly are, this is the first step, but it will only take you so far.

Many successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra swear by it. Why? Because there is wisdom, peace and joy in being present with stillness. In today’s world it is almost a radical act to be still, breathe and simply be with yourself without any distractions.

There are many ways to meditate, but here is a simple way to start if you are new to meditation:
– Sit in a quiet space either on a cushion on the floor or in a chair. – Hold your spine straight, your chin down and imagine a string pulling the top center of your head up to the ceiling.

– Then simply focus on your out breath – your breath is your life source; in one sense it’s God’s breath breathing you.

– Your shoulders and your jaw are relaxed.

– Your eyes may be open or closed. If they’re open, hold an open gaze that is not focused on a particular object.

As your mind races notice the thought and allow it to pass like a cloud. There is othing to do. Just simply be.

That’s all you do, but the benefits to your physical and mental health will be tremendous. Unfortunately, those of us who have meditated for over 20 years will tell you, there is a limitation to how far this will take you spiritually.

After 2 or 3 years of meditating there is nowhere to go besides cycling around. Meditation alone leads to calming the mind and blissing out, but not to the spiritual liberation of enlightenment and ascention.

For this you need more advanced techniques in visualization and breathing that focus on your brain and your chakras.
These techniques will allow you be awake and aware at any time. To live in a state of grace where your being experiences love, joy and a sense of equanimity at all times.

Chalanda Sai Ma is having one of her master teachers train interested beings in brain illumination techniques which can move you beyond meditation and towards enlightenment.

Here is a description of this from :
“Brain illumination is a simple and very powerful set of techniques used to bring light into the brain in order to create an expanding state of awakened consciousness and enlightenment into our subtle body structures.

Cyclic breathing builds and harnesses prana, and is coupled with universal energy directed by our minds through visualization. These powerful energies are directed into the limbic system of our brain. The limbic system is the portion
of our neuro-anatomy that is the seat of consciousness.

By becoming charged with prana and Light (the Supramental Light of God), the limbic system becomes electromagnetically and electrochemically stimulated, awakening the consciousness and expanding awareness into higher states of realization.” For more details on how to do this simple yet highly effective practice visit: umination/index.cfm

Meditation is the first fundamental step of living an inspired life. How can you live your passion before you practice connecting to your source on a consistent basis? You can’t. Get to know your inner self and then you’ll begin to experience the expansion of grace in your outer world.

It has been written that when a human body dies it loses 21 grams of weight. This is thought to be the weight of your soul which is your life force. Imagine living 80 to 100 years in this incarnation and never using any of that time to deepen the most primary relationship in your life – your relationship with your spirit.

Lets face it, you came to this life alone and you’ll be leaving alone – the rest is a gift. So why not meditate and deepen your relationship with the spirit you’ll be taking with you when you leave? Your spirit deserves nothing less!

© 2004 Red To Greene, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Common Dreams Explained.

Did you find yourself running from something in your dream last night?

When something or someone is chasing you in a dream, it can signal a need to face up to things and to stop running away from your responsibilities.

Did you see someone who has died? Continue reading

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