Went to a book signing with Gordon Smith last night.

What a lovely man.
He talked about his new book, Developing Mediumship.
I have started to read it and it is so easy to follow, I know I am going to enjoy it.
On another note, I have a failing, I call it that any way.
I am a gadget freak!
I love gadgets, as soon as I get to grips with a new gadget, I get bored with it and start thinking about a change. I can’t tell you how many mobile phones I have been through. At one time I had a Wii, a DS, a PSP, an Xbox and a PS3 and no time to use any of them. I had the “Wii fit” for Christmas and haven’t opened the box yet.
I think my favourite gadget at the moment is my tiny little laptop complete with a broadband connection via Orange. It is a life saver and so small I can take it in my handbag. I do a lot of writing and love firing it up in Starbucks and writing about the people around me, I have always got a story in my head, it is amazing how I can find someone who will fit into one of my senarios from the people around me.

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