Common Dreams Explained.

Did you find yourself running from something in your dream last night?

When something or someone is chasing you in a dream, it can signal a need to face up to things and to stop running away from your responsibilities.

Did you see someone who has died?
When you see someone who has died it can be that they are trying to contact you from the other side or that there was unfinished business with this person. It could also, simply, mean that you are missing them.

Did you talk to a long lost friend?”
This could be a reminder to actually get in touch with them, they may need you. They could have actually passed on and for some reason they are trying to contact you.

If you are actually really troubled by a dream then perhaps a hypnotherapy session with me could help release you from those troubles?

Pat has been interpreting dreams for people for many years.
If you have a dream you would like explained then please send it to her on and she will try to help.

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