Beginning with The Tarot?

Take your tarot cards and lay them out in front of you. You will see that your tarot deck is in 2 sections.
The minor ‘arcana’ and the major ‘arcana’.

The word “arcana” means secrets or mysteries.

The minor arcana is in four suits -pentacles (or coins), swords, cups and wands(or rods) numbered 1 -10 plus the court cards usually page, knight, queen and king. The Major Arcana are numbered 0-The Fool to 21-The World.

The minor arcana represents everyday life the details of our life and its everyday occurrences.

The major arcana or ‘greater mysteries’ represent the archetypes of life and the soul’s journey through life. These cards are very important as they represent major forces at work and lessons to be worked through these cards show the spiritual significance of the lessons in life when they appear in a reading they represent major psychological and spiritual forces are at work in the matter in question.

The study of the major arcana is an ongoing life enriching experience!

Choosing your first tarot card deck is a very special and symbolic undertaking; you are choosing to honour your intuition and are embarking on a journey into your self and into an ancient book of wisdom. This is truly a very special day!

The range of tarot decks available is simply amazing and the choice you make is important on many levels. You will know which deck is for you the minute you see it- you will just know intuitively – follow your intuition!

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