There is an uncanny link between mindset and the success of intuition.coins13

Dr. Judith Orloff and others point out that it is very difficult to tap into your intuition when you are tense or highly stressed. And if you the kind of person that is reluctant to trust impressions that are difficult to confirm on the spot, you will have little success getting useful information from your intuition.

A relaxed open mind is the first step to accessing intuition. It is also the first step in tuning in to your spirit guides and working with the Tarot.

Even the most highly skilled psychics and mediums will tell you that they cannot access a person who chooses to block himself.

So it is highly ironic that the very people who try so hard to ‘test’ the reader, or who flaunt their skepticism find it so easy to find evidence to back to support their skepticism. And those who come to a reader with an open, relaxed attitude enjoy a rich and valuable experience.

It is as if the Tarot cards were offended by the skeptical querent’s lack of respect. The upshot is that each subject has an experience that reinforces their perception.

There is a certain logic to this, but it makes it hard on the reader who has to handle a skeptic in a situation such as a party where they are expected to read everyone who comes to their table.

In many ways, the cards that pop up in a Tarot spread reflect the mindset of the person being read. If the querent is focused, the cards will be, too. If the client’s mind is scattered, so too, will be the reading.

Tarot is a tool to access intuition. Like all tools that work primarily by using the ‘right-brain,’ Tarot’s processes defy logic.

The right-brain is the realm of the imagination and it speaks through the language of symbol. It is through the right brain that you are able to access your intuition.

Unlike beginning readers who tend to rely on book definitions, more confident and experienced readers will use their knowledge of book meanings as a starting point and them allow their intuition full reign.

But to do that, they need to be able to tap into the energy of the querent. Each reader has his/her style of working. Some readers that use an interactive approach need the active participation of the querent to stimulate their intuition. Others are able to tune in psychically.

major06But no matter the style of reading, every Tarot reader needs the active cooperation of the client to deliver a successful reading.

Submitted by: Ellen M. Zucker