By Edward B. Toupin

My grandfather used to speak of the days when people drovej0438847
the world. It was a time when people were proud to
contribute and move society and industry forward at full
steam. But, people were proud of themselves! However, before
he died, one of his observations was that “we have come to
mediocre times.”

I was a bit appalled at that statement because, to me, these
times were the epitome of existence! However, over the
years, I began to see what he meant. It is not so much that
our advances are mediocre, but it is the state of humanity
and society that has become mediocre in comparison. Yet, we
don’t see it as such because we live in these times daily
and have no real comparison.

In these times, people lose hope. While I agree that, many
times, circumstances are to blame for a particular
situation; however, we allow such circumstances to overpower
us. We need to take control and decide which circumstances
are to be allowed into our lives.

In today’s environment, there are only a handful of
individuals that move the society forward and so many people
simply follow. Perhaps the difficulties, stresses, and
complications around us have turned many of us into
“mediocre people” in extraordinary times. It depends on how
you look at it all! But, indeed, this is not the case.

When all need a hero, a hero is not to be found. That is
when the best hero we can have is ourselves. That may sound
arrogant, but who would you rather be like: a better you, or
someone else who might be where you think you want to be,
but may have myriad other problems with which you would have
to contend. Deal with your own and become the better you!

We are all extraordinary and we all have something unique
and phenomenal to contribute. However, we must learn to
contribute to ourselves, first, and then consider the
contribution to the world around you. It is how you see and
feel about yourself that reflects upon and influences your
environment and society. Turn inward and exalt the
extraordinary you. Learn that the odd little nuances of life
are there to strengthen you to create “extraordinary times.”

Copyright 2004 Edward B. Toupin, All Rights Reserved.

Edward B. Toupin is an author, life-strategy coach,
counselor, Reiki Master, technical writer, and PhD Candidate
living in Las Vegas, NV. Among other things, he authors
books, articles, and screenplays on topics ranging from
career success through life organization and fulfillment.
Check out some of his recent print and electronic books as
well as his articles covering various life-changing topics.
For more information, e-mail Edward at etoupin@toupin.com or
visit his site at http://www.make-life-great.com or

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