Reiki healing is always there for you. I invite you to experience Reiki.

Hi, everyone Reiki is a simple and safe method of spirtual healing that benefits everyone.  It has many benefits here are some of them:

Back pain

General aches and painj0437636

Headaches including migraines

General well being

Stress reduction

Blood pressure


Reiki is a natural therapy that gently balances life energies and brings health and wellbeing to the recipent.

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love and light



By Joan Marques

Have you ever taken the time to consider your life today and
compare it with the expectations you had five years ago?MPj04436600000[1]
Nine times out of ten you will find that things did not
quite work out the way you anticipated them to. Although you
may not be dissatisfied with where you are today, you will
probably still have to admit that several crucial issues
have taken a surprising course: your marriage may have
ended, your career may have undergone a radical change,
people whom you had expected to be around for a long time
may have passed away, and you may have turned into an
individual you would not have recognized five years ago!

It all lies in the hands of time and the encounters you have
with people, knowledge, and general experiences. Indeed: you
find your perspectives changing through the things that
happen to you: what used to be important at one time may
have no meaning anymore for you today. And this will
probably not only pertain to the people in your life, but to
events and goals as well. Paradigms shift continuously, and
the best way to cope with this process is to try and refrain
from setting goals that are too specific. You could, for
instance, just focus on making progress or being happy
instead of formulating in too much details where, with whom,
and how that should happen. Of course some strategizing is
necessary, but too strict a schedule may entangle you in a
web that is hard to escape from when the inevitable
surprises start popping up.

A man who expected his family to stay together till his
dying day suddenly found that his wife was leaving him. She
took the children along, and he turned into a lonely goat.
It took him three years and countless, extensive dialogues
with elders in his community to understand that the courses
of events in his life were not merely up to him, since they
were intertwined with other individuals who all had their
own desires and dreams, some of which – unfortunately – were
no longer in tune with his. He finally understood the
message and learned to accept the facts as they were
presented to him. He has since established a level of
understanding with his ex-partner, one that is better than
it ever was during their marriage, and he has been working
toward a more mature relationship with his – now grown up –
children. Gradually this man is regaining his balance,
meanwhile understanding that happiness today looks much
different than he would have envisioned it some years ago.

This simple example does not have to be limited to the
private areas of one’s life: surprises can occur just as
frequently in any other area. Business people know that like
no other, due to the fact that they operate in an
environment that is subject to influences from practically
all sides: unexpected strategic moves from competitors,
inventions that can make their product obsolete in a
heartbeat, or government decisions that can affect their
profitability or perhaps their entire existence, to name a
few. For this category of people, flexibility in dealing
with surprises is even more vital than for the ones that
expect the happily-ever-after dream to keep their marriage

Life truly requires a level of management that should never
be underestimated: whether you are spending most of your
time in an airplane, a hotel room, your office, or just at
home. The bag of surprises is presented to each of us, every
day again. Some surprises taste sweet, but most of them have
a bitter foretaste. It is up to us, then, to adapt our taste
buds to these new challenges, and unleash our positive
imagination and our sense of humor on them, so that we will
be able to develop the right spirit in approaching them. And
then, five years from now, we will be where we expect to be:
in a better and happier place, no matter where that is!

Joan Marques, Burbank, September 19, 2003

Joan Marques, holds an MBA, is a doctoral candidate in
Organizational Leadership, and a university instructor in
Business and Management in Burbank, California. You may
visit her web site at Joan’s manual
“Feel Good About Yourself,” a six part series to get you
over the bumps in life and onto success, can be purchased
and downloaded at:


By Matt Clarkson

Meditation can improve your health, increase energy levelsCB102417
and maximize your enjoyment of life. Without a doubt, more
people would benefit from meditation if they took the time
to practice the simple exercises used to calm the mind,
reduce stress and increase energy levels.

So What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a way to transform and heal ourselves. When we
meditate, we allow the swirl of ideas and thoughts to slow
down to the point where we find a calm and positive
connection with ourselves. Although there are many different
ways to meditate, all styles teach the directing of the
attention in order to re-connect with the part of yourself
that is most real and most true.

Why We Need To Meditate

Unfortunately, we do not walk through the world as children
do. We all face difficult and stressful situations
throughout the course of life. But rather than beginning
each day afresh, we tend to gather the world and carry the
negativity of the past with us. The happy and contented
person you were becomes covered over by these emotions.
Suddenly you feel unhappy and dissatisfied, and even worse;
often the process is so subtle, you don’t know why.

Meditation is a way of cutting through those layers of past
emotion and excessive thinking. Instead of our minds and
bodies being at the mercy of life, we take back control. We
focus the attention in a deliberate way, and slowly see the
false layers of ourselves begin to dissolve as we return
once again to the source of our happiness.

Although meditation is an ancient art dating back thousands
of years, modern scientific research now confirms what
ancient wisdom discovered long ago. Study after study shows
that meditation brings about improved perception, focus,
memory and creativity. Regular meditators are healthier,
happier, more relaxed, and more productive.

The True Purpose of Meditation

The seductive appeal of mystic visions, psychic intuition
and heightened mental functioning can be very alluring.
While some meditators report esoteric experiences, the
experiences themselves should not be the primary reason for

The purpose of meditation is to transform the state of our
hearts and minds and bring us back to ourselves. As we
become healthier, happier and realize greater self-
awareness, more benefits begin to follow naturally —
improved mental functioning, greater intuition as well as
greater access to unconscious resources and abilities.

The Best Style of Meditation

Always keep an open mind in your learning. Never accept a
teaching without verifying the truth of it in your own
experience. On the other hand, reserve making judgment in
advance of having the experience for yourself.

The best style of meditation is the one that feels right for
you. There are many different systems of meditation
including, but not limited to Concentration, Mindfulness,
Zen, Visualization and Devotion. You may decide to
experiment with a few different styles and see how they
feel. Find one or two styles that you like and then major in
those. Above all, pay attention to your self and make sure
your meditation feels right for you.

Make Meditation A Daily Practice

You can be stronger in your self. You can be happier, more
balanced and compassionate. You can manifest the changes you
truly want to see in your life through meditation. You don’t
need to give up all your worldly passions or retreat to a
Himalayan monastery either!

A daily ten-minute practice can make all the difference.
It’s not much time to dedicate when you consider all the
time spent caring for your physical appearance. After all,
you wouldn’t go out to an important meeting or social
occasion without clean clothes and brushing your teeth.

What about the mind and body — the instruments through
which we perceive and interact with reality? Does it not
make sense to take the time to clean up our attitude and the
way we feel as well?

Matt Clarkson has created a no cost e-course teaching simple
meditation exercises for busy people. Each “Daily
Meditation” is an exercise, inspirational message or tip to
help you calm the mind and reduce stress. If your health is
important to you, go here now: ==>>


By Brook Montaga

Endings and beginnings. Time for release, celebration, andj0437327
setting new intentions. When done consciously, we will
create what it is that we really want for next year.

The Mental De-Tox & Re-New process will help you release and
purge negative thoughts and feelings that belong to events
of the past year, and to free up energy for focusing on what
you truly wish to create in the new year. (You may also
consider doing last year’s process – Wringing Out and
Ringing In. If you would like a copy of this exercise, email
me and I will send it to you.)

The Mental De-Tox & Re-New exercise is a 4 step process
beginning with a review of the past year.

Take Inventory

* Look back through your calendar and your journal to find
the significant events of your year.
* Rate each significant event on a scale of -10, for dismal
or tragic, to +10 for wonderful or fantastic.

Was your year up and down a lot? Were the events mostly
negative or positive? Did you have a particularly difficult
period during the year? Was there a time of many wonderful
things happening?

Release the Lows (Do this a day or two before New Year’s

Set aside at least one half day for this exercise. You may
want to do it more than once for more complete release.

1. Using one note card for each Low event, write answers to
the following questions:

a. What regrets, losses, hurts or disappointments remain?
b. Who, or what, do I want/need to forgive?
c. What lesson or hidden blessing is there?

2. After you have written about each event, put your note
cards in your pocket, and go out for a walk in a beautiful
place. Or if you are not able to walk, sit outdoors or by a
window with a view.

3. After walking for 5 minutes, stop, take out a note card,
read it and then say to yourself:

“I release everything about this event and carry only the
lessons forward with me.”

4. Walk for 5 more minutes and then take out another card
and repeat the exercise.

5. Do this until all the cards have been read.

6. After the walk, spend at least 20 minutes in meditation,
prayer, or sitting silently, just allowing yourself to
release with every breath.

7. You may want to burn these note cards as another sign of

Celebrate the Highs (Do This New Year’s Eve)

Time to pat yourself on the back, reward your efforts, and
express gratitude for all the good you have experienced over
the past year.

1. For each High event, write answers to the following on
one note card per event:

a. What did I accomplish that was remarkable?
b. Who or what am I grateful for?
c. What did I learn that I want to take forward?

2. After you have written about each High event, put your
note cards in your pocket, and go out for a walk. Or if you
are not able to walk, sit outdoors or by a window with a

3. After walking 5 minutes of walking , stop, take out a
note card, read it and say to yourself:

“I celebrate everything about this event and gratefully
carry these blessings forward.”

4. Walk for 5 more minutes and then take out another card
and repeat the exercise.

5. Do this until all the cards have been read.

6. After the walk, spend at least 20 minutes in meditation,
prayer, or sitting silently, just allowing yourself to
experience gratitude with every breath.

7. You may want to keep these cards with your journal.

Create the New (Do this New Year’s Day or soon after)

This exercise begins with clearing your thoughts to allow
for greater inspiration.

1. Begin with a 20-30 minute walk in a beautiful and
peaceful place. (Or, sit quietly outdoors or by a window)

2. Prepare to meditate, or sit quietly for a minimum of 20
minutes by reading the following affirmation:

“I allow my mind to become quiet and open.”

3. Meditate and let all thoughts and feelings pass by,
returning to the calm experience of simply breathing.

4. After 20-30 minutes of meditation or sitting quietly, in
this calm and open state, begin to write in your journal.

5. Answer the following questions.

a. What do I really want for my life in 2005?
b. What changes will I make to create a wonderful year?
c. How will I express my authentic self more fully this

6. Write affirmations for each answer and post them where
you can see them every day.

May you have a Mindful and Prosperous New Year!

© 2004

Brook Montagna, Life and Business Coach. Free Newsletter:
The Mindful Life, Success Tips and Supports
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THE SECRET TO MEDITATION And Moving Beyond It’s Limitations

By Sopan Greene

Daily meditation is the single greatest and easiest practice you can do to relax, restore your energy and love yourself.j0437325
To reconnect to your spirit and experience who you truly are, this is the first step, but it will only take you so far.

Many successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra swear by it. Why? Because there is wisdom, peace and joy in being present with stillness. In today’s world it is almost a radical act to be still, breathe and simply be with yourself without any distractions.

There are many ways to meditate, but here is a simple way to start if you are new to meditation:
– Sit in a quiet space either on a cushion on the floor or in a chair. – Hold your spine straight, your chin down and imagine a string pulling the top center of your head up to the ceiling.

– Then simply focus on your out breath – your breath is your life source; in one sense it’s God’s breath breathing you.

– Your shoulders and your jaw are relaxed.

– Your eyes may be open or closed. If they’re open, hold an open gaze that is not focused on a particular object.

As your mind races notice the thought and allow it to pass like a cloud. There is othing to do. Just simply be.

That’s all you do, but the benefits to your physical and mental health will be tremendous. Unfortunately, those of us who have meditated for over 20 years will tell you, there is a limitation to how far this will take you spiritually.

After 2 or 3 years of meditating there is nowhere to go besides cycling around. Meditation alone leads to calming the mind and blissing out, but not to the spiritual liberation of enlightenment and ascention.

For this you need more advanced techniques in visualization and breathing that focus on your brain and your chakras.
These techniques will allow you be awake and aware at any time. To live in a state of grace where your being experiences love, joy and a sense of equanimity at all times.

Chalanda Sai Ma is having one of her master teachers train interested beings in brain illumination techniques which can move you beyond meditation and towards enlightenment.

Here is a description of this from :
“Brain illumination is a simple and very powerful set of techniques used to bring light into the brain in order to create an expanding state of awakened consciousness and enlightenment into our subtle body structures.

Cyclic breathing builds and harnesses prana, and is coupled with universal energy directed by our minds through visualization. These powerful energies are directed into the limbic system of our brain. The limbic system is the portion
of our neuro-anatomy that is the seat of consciousness.

By becoming charged with prana and Light (the Supramental Light of God), the limbic system becomes electromagnetically and electrochemically stimulated, awakening the consciousness and expanding awareness into higher states of realization.” For more details on how to do this simple yet highly effective practice visit: umination/index.cfm

Meditation is the first fundamental step of living an inspired life. How can you live your passion before you practice connecting to your source on a consistent basis? You can’t. Get to know your inner self and then you’ll begin to experience the expansion of grace in your outer world.

It has been written that when a human body dies it loses 21 grams of weight. This is thought to be the weight of your soul which is your life force. Imagine living 80 to 100 years in this incarnation and never using any of that time to deepen the most primary relationship in your life – your relationship with your spirit.

Lets face it, you came to this life alone and you’ll be leaving alone – the rest is a gift. So why not meditate and deepen your relationship with the spirit you’ll be taking with you when you leave? Your spirit deserves nothing less!

© 2004 Red To Greene, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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