How’s your Verbal Business card?

The Breakfast Meeting!
We all know the scenario! You are sitting over your breakfast at some un-godly hour trying to hide the yawn when someone suggests that it would be a good idea to “introduce ourselves” to the other attendees.
A sort of “elevator pitch”. It means you need to explain what you do in about 1 minute in a polished clear manner.
In the social business world it is important that you can deliver a clear verbal marketing message that can create an important first impression and will attract new clients. Continue reading “How’s your Verbal Business card?”

Idiot’s Guide to Our Social Network.

What to do….
My page:
Tell people who you are and what you do. The more detail here the better, after all you’re not going to make business contacts if you hide yourself away.

Let’s you see who are members of the network. You can find people and send them messages. Connect, connect, connect. Continue reading “Idiot’s Guide to Our Social Network.”

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