Tarot Can Help!

I started reading Tarot professionally this year after a life long love affair with the cards. I do email tarot readings and I am determined not to be too ‘woo woo’ about it. It’s taken me a long time to understand that everyone reads the Tarot cards in their own way and I don’t have to put a tea towel on my head and become Gypsy Rose Lee, start chanting or howling at the moon. I can read the cards and still be myself – a trainer, writer and internet marketer. That’s helped me a lot. While it’s fine for some, I’ve never been comfortable using words like ‘joy’ and ‘blessings’ and so they don’t feature in my readings. I use ordinary language and pass on what I see in as ‘normal’ a way as possible, like I’m talking to a friend.

I think there is a huge market for using the Tarot to give insight into business, career and life path decisions as well as the more traditional areas of relationships and money. My heart soars (oops – bit woo woo there!) when I am asked a question about someone’s small business – the Tarot can be such a help there, especially (but not only) when the business is a creative one.

It’s a shame if you are missing out on a very helpful, practical tool because you think the Tarot is too ‘out there’. It isn’t. In the hands of a good reader, it’s like having your own private business consultant who helps you really examine what lies at the root of many of your tough decisions. It’s an extra string to yourt bow, and nothing to be ashamed about or scared of!

So next time you start thinking outside the box, make sure the box has some Tarot cards in it!


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