What you need to do to learn to read The Tarot

In my day, when I was learning to read I had to use normal books. I am sure you have tried it, you look at a card then have to scroll through the book to find the right page only to have forgotten what you had read by the time you closed the book.
You are so lucky to have some fantastic resources available online to teach you. But I still know what it’s like for you, it seems like a mammoth task so anything you can do to make it easier would be great.
When I decided I was going to learn how to read The Tarot I thought, “how difficult can it be, you just learn the meanings of the cards then read”. You and I know that that is not it by any means.
First you need to learn how to prepare yourself.
I did this by learning to meditate. Lately I have found this program to be a great help and I refer to it on a daily basis. It comes from the knowledge of 9 Expert Meditators. The program answers all your questions. It includes a Bonus, “how To Meditate Daily” Workbook. It has 7 Keys To Learning How To Meditate, 9 Mini Meditations and transcripts of some fantastic Audio Interviews. I am an affiliate for this program so will make a few pence if you buy it but I would not promote it if I had not tried it myself. It is a great product.

The next step is to take a course in developing your psychic abilities. Here I have listed, what I feel are some of the best online courses.
1.) Developing Psychic Powers
A Proven And Acclaimed Series Of Books, As Witnessed By Numerous Testimonials, For Developing A Wide Range Of Psychic And Other Powers In The Minimum Possible Time. Now Available For A Short Time At A Massive Discount so Click Here! NOW!
2.) Unleash Your Inner Psychic!
Ultimate Psychic Success Course Incl. Manuals & Audios. Click Here!
3.) Inner Worlds Psychic Development Video Download
Start Your Own Astonishing Journey Of Psychic Self Discovery In The World’s First One And Only Psychic Development Video Workshop With Interactive Meditation And Practical Mediumship Demonstration That You Can Download Right Now! Click Here!

Here are my suggestions for the best online resources for Learning The Tarot

1.) I have dedicated a whole page to this course by Judith Conroy, her courses have been a great help to me over the years and her new online course is by far the best you will find. CLICK HERE

2.) I believe this system to be the easiest and clearest on the market. ‘Reading Tarot Cards Revealed’ is 100+ pages packed with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions that will take you from a complete beginner to a professional tarot card reader. Click Here!

3.) If you like to learn in a more interactive and fun way then The Ultimate Tarot Trainer Is a fun and easy way for beginners to learn how to read Tarot cards! Click Here! and take a look at their program.

4.) Diceology
Take Tarot Cards, Astrology, Numerology And Runes to a whole new level. Brand new form of divination. This Is Going To Be Hot! Click Here! this is really exciting!

5.) Crystals and healing with them is very important to me and I use crystals in my readings. It also gives me an edge, you know that to succeed in business you must have a USP, (unique selling point), and my USP is that I read the cards with help from my crystals. Here is a great online course, Crystal Healing For Profit Or Pleasure.
It is a fantastic, life changing e-book with over 140 jam packed pages teaching you everything you need to know about crystal healing. Click Here!
I hope that these resources have been a help to you on your journey.

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