About Pat Sutton – Tarot Reader And Artist

Pat Sutton Tarot Reader

Pat Sutton Artist
Pop over to my Etsy Shop to see my art work.
Hello, I am Pat Sutton, I have been a professional Tarot Reader for more than 30 years.
I am also an artist.

A women in business champion, I have worked closely with Development Agencies, Inspirational Women, Shakti Women, Women’s Business Empowerment Network, Women Business Angels and many more. I have delivered many motivational talks and seminars to business groups of both men and women.

Take a look at my sister website   where I upload recipes and give help and motivation to people who want to live a vegan lifestyle or just want to improve their health with food. I am a mum to two and a glamorous granny to 5 gorgeous little ones, (or not so little ones).

As a business woman, I am passionate about motivating people to do more with their lives.

A few years ago I was Forbes listed as one of the 30 business women to follow on Twitter.

I have an Etsy shop where I do Tarot Readings By Email and another one where I sell my art work.
Where I specifically enjoy painting animals and Scandinavian abstract style art.
Click on “PatSuttonArtist” at Etsy to see my artwork.




3 thoughts on “About Pat Sutton – Tarot Reader And Artist”

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    Jane, I am happy to swap links, kindest, Pat

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